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Tuesday: 11 December 2018 - Fun in the animal world


Today we did an excursion to the animal world. The children had to complete the sentences in the picture book by finding the right rhyme in German.

After that they strengthened their knowledge from last week about pirates and their ships in a game called “Small-World-Game”.

11.12.18 b.jpeg
11.12.18 a.jpeg

Tuesday 6 December 2018 - Treasure hunting


4.12.18 b.png

In today's session the children were being pirates wanting to board an enemy ship. In the end they had to be saved by a helpful princess.

Together they solved language riddles and through the solutions they eventually found the treasure.


4.12.18 a.png

Tuesday 20 November 2018 – Different types of fruits and vegetables


Today's course topic were "fruits and vegetables". Together we made fresh apple juice. It tasted so good!

After that the children cut out their favourite fruit and vegetable types from magazines and glued them on their worksheet.


Obst und Gemüse

Tuesday 6 November 2018 – Experiments with water


Today we were doing experiments with water and corn starch. Together we discussed it step by step. After that we did not only put our fingers inside the mixture, but also spoons and glassmarbles.


Experimente mit Wasser

Tuesday 30 October 2018 – Ghost Stories


The topic of today's session were ghosts. The children made their own ghosts out of paper and let them fly around in the room. After that they ate banana-ghosts - they were so delicious!



Tuesday 23 October 2018 - Magical Worlds

This week the children were not only seeking and finding witches, magicians and ghosts in a picture-book, they also developed their own magical powers. With the help of a drinking straw they made self-crafted snakes and beatles float in the air.


Magische Welt

Tuesday 9 October 2018 – Getting to know each other  at the first LIMU-course


Erster LIMU Kurs Kennenlernen_edited.jpg

Every child says his or her own name out loud, then throws the violet wool to the next child and asks about their name. This way all children get to know each other!


Wednesday 3 October 2018 - The colorful world of languages

What does a circle look like? Or a triangle? Can a triangle become a square? How are all these shapes and colors called in German? Does the table have the shape of a circle or a square?


With the help of these colorful cards the children at LIMU-Academy get encouraged to ask questions and speak freely. They start to observe their environment more closely and learn to describe what they see.


Dreiecke Vierecke.jpg
Kreise und Farben

Monday: 1 October 2018 – The Kinderkurier at out try-out course

Kiku mit dabei

The Kinderkurier visited us at the first LIMU-try-out-course and wrote an article about the greatest moments:


Wednesday: 19 September 2018 – Information evening for parents



After our successful information evening for parents yesterday we can start with enthusiasm into the German courses in October!