Fun, Games & Learning German!



Handicraft day


November 2019

We read a picture book and afterwards we crafted the main figures from the book. Then we reenacted and retold the story together.


Summer crash course


August 2019

Our summer crash course with its focus on music was a complete success!

In a playful way, the children got to know Mozart's opera The Magic Flute. They listened to the famous song of Papageno and Papagena, talked about the two characters and then drew pictures of them.


The children also talked to a granny hand puppet who speaks only German. Each child slipped into the role of the granny.


End of summer term 2019


June 2019 - Preschool course

At the end of the summer term we celebrated the achievements our little LIMU-students made during the whole summer term! They were all given a language certificate by their course instructor Iris.

Now we are ready for summer holidays!


A different kind of memory game


June 2019 - Preschool course

"This is a fish. Which other words also start with f?"


In this game we were not looking for look-alikes but for nouns that start with the same letter. In this way, the conscious differentiation between consonants is fostered.


Dancing in all directions


May 2019 - Preschool course

With the help of a song combined with a dance the children learned different German words for places and directions (left, right, in front of, behind etc.).


After that they practised the German articles with special cardboard signs: They had to mark the articles “der” (blue), “die” (red) and “das” (green) with the right Lego brick.

Language magician.jpg

Language magician


April 2019 - Kindergarten course

Our course instructor Andrea is a language magician! She explores the German language together with the children in an enchanting and charming way.

The different roles that the children play during the course sessions improve their language knowledge. They learn new words and develop a better sense of the German language. At the end of the course session the children tried out a real magic trick.


Easter lesson


April 2019 - Prschool course

In the last session before Easter the children heard a story and had to retell it in the past tense in a playful way. After that they made little bunnies out of paper and used them to perform the story told in the picture book “He Duda”.

Wir lernen uns kennen

Semesterstart: Getting to know each other


March 2019 - Preschool course

Our names consist of different letters. Some of them can be found in many names and not just once! In the course the children exchanged letters with the others and created colourful name pictures.

End of winter term 2019


End of winter term


The children who finished our „Last year of kindergarten” course this winter term are now ready for the start of school!


For a whole semester the five to six year olds were learning and improving their German language skills together with the course instructor Iris. They practiced their speaking, strengthened grammatical structures and expanded their vocabulary.


Fun, games and movement were most important while learning German! Young language learners need variation in their learning process and as many different impulses as possible. The combination of games involving movement and language topics benefits young children.

End of winter term


One of the highlights of the last course session was crafting a magical bag. Every child came up with their own magical spell and let an item disappear in the magical bag. By combining a motoric task (crafting the magical bag) with a language exercise (inventing a magical spell) the children could expand their vocabulary and practise different sentence structures very easily.

In the end learning a language is no magic at all!

We congratulate all children on receiving their language-talent certificate!

Narrative theatre

Narrative theatre



In today’s session the focus was on storytelling. The children talked with each other about their daily lives. Then they watched and listened to a story being told with the help of the narrative theatre. After that it was their turn: In groups of two or on their own they were able to use the narrative theatre to present a story of their ownto the class.

Christmas crash course
Christmas crash course

Christmas crash course


02. - 06.01.2019

During the Christmas crash course the children could immerse completely into the German language.


Through singing songs, finger plays and reciting poems they learned many new words and phrases. Experiments with water were also part of the course:

The children tried on their own which objects float and which sink.

New language knowledge was immediately put into practice through games. For example, the children needed to feed a hungry spider or find the right pair of vegetables or fruits in a game of Memory.