Fun, Games & Learning German!


Primary school grades 1-4

(6-10 years)

Primary school

Preschool (5-6 years)


Development of educational language

- targeted reading and writing activities

- drawing and crafting

- games with movement

- beginners or advanced

Make the entry to school easier

- books, songs and games with different topics

- free speaking

- dialogues

Kindergarten (2-4 years)


Playful learning of German

- painting, dancing and singing

- storytelling and retelling

- free speaking

Individual lesson (2-10 years)

Individual lessons

Individual focus

- adjusted to the individual needs

- session: 60 min or

90 min

- minimum of 4 lessons

General information about the courses

The program of the three courses is planned, however it’s always adjusted according to the needs of the individual group. This way the children can learn efficiently and their needs are recognized and met. The basic didactic methods are oriented towards age, language level and composition of the group (movement, music, drawing and painting, use of books and dialogues, etc.).

Course Location:

Therapiezentrum Gersthof

Klostergasse 31-33

A-1180 Vienna