Fun, Games & Learning German!

Welcome to the LIMU-Academy!

Do you want to learn German and have fun at the same time? Then you are in the right place at the LIMU-Academy! 

It does not matter whether you are still in kindergarten, in preschool or already going to school: At the LIMU-Academy we offer German classes just for you - and all children ages 2 to 10Learn German and explore all its expressions, sounds and words through games, crafts and play. It’s not always easy to feel comfortable in a new linguistic environment, it can be scary or become overwhelming, but that’s ok! We will help you to find the right approach to feel comfortable with German and prepare you to put your best foot forward once you start school or enter a new class.


Registration for the winter term!

The winter term starts on 30 September 2019.

Registration for all courses is possible until 31 October! You can find the registration form here!

Costs for 15 sessions (for each course):

€ 269 per child

Siblings discount: € 189 per child

You can come by at any time and try out one of our courses!

Winter term 2019

Start of semester: 30 September 2019

End of semester: 1 February 2020