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Our goal

The goal of the LIMU-Academy is to help children between 2 to 10 years of age to learn German in an effective, approachable and fun way by using our many years of experience in teaching languages. It’s not always easy for a child to find their footing in a new language environment. In the beginning, everything seems strange and unusual. However with the right methods, we want to help your child find the right approach to the German language and to feel comfortable while doing so. Our goal is to help your child prepare for starting school or rising to the next grade in primary school in the best way possible. Fun and joy while learning are very important to us, so that your child begins acquiring the language in a natural environment during class. Based on our experience, this is not only pleasant for your child, but increases the learning effect.

Our methods

In our language courses, we emphasize playing games, drawing, painting and crafts. Through this combination of creative activities with language content and structure, your child’s German retention will be long-lasting. The courses also incorporate singing and movement. The school children are dealing with the language of education through different writing and reading tasks that strengthen their vocabulary, grammar and narrative competence. Through this purposeful engagement with German, your child will develop their own awareness of the language. This makes it possible for them to use the German language and culture in their understanding of the world around them.

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© Photo: Derya Ciftci Köcer

Team Training

Federico Fellini

What does the Italian film maker Federico Fellini
say about language?

"A different language is a different vision of life."

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Appreciating all languages

It is a very important priority for us to show your child that their linguistic and cultural background is respected, and even helpful, when learning German. Every language is connected to a specific culture and your child’s everyday routine. This daily use of their mother tongue is something that your child is familiar with, and they can use it to compare their experience to learning German within the course. This way, the acquisition of and managing different languages becomes far more personal and also motivating. Your child will feel that the language and cultural knowledge they bring with them to class is useful and valuable.


At the end of the course, all children will ceremonially receive a certificate for their language skills as an award and souvenir for their time in the class.

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