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Primary school grades 1-4 (6-10 years)


We offer a course for elementary school children from grades 1 to 4 on two levels: one for beginners and one for advanced.

The course promotes and develops educational language, and is adapted accordingly to the individual needs of the children in the class. Through targeted reading activities, drawing, writing, and games with movement, your child will expand their vocabulary, narrative competence and grammar. In the course the focus is on writing and reading exercises, role-playing and singing songs. Games that engage all senses help anchor parts of speech such as adjectives, prepositions, verb conjugations, etc. The sensory experience paired with understanding helps imprint the language structures deeply.

Listening comprehension and speaking are also developed throughout the course. The use of diverse methods helps keep learning fun, and your child will achieve success quickly. The creativity of the children is encouraged and incorporated into the course design.

Throughout the entire course, the children will document their own progress, so they can experience metalinguistic skills and self-competence.

Max. 6 children per course.

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