Fun, Games & Learning German!



From left to right: Alexandra Volk​, Katherine Dedich, Louise Bach, Sarah Sandhofer, Zwetelina Ortega, Lena Purkhart, Tina Cakara

Introducing our team:

  • kindergarten pedagogue and after-school care assistant

  • three years working experience in kindergarten and day care center in Vienna

  • grew up bilingually (German, English)

  • student at the University of Vienna (Biology and Nutritional Sciences)

Louise Bach

course teacher

  • experience with tutoring in German, especially with multilingual children (all ages)

  • learned foreign languages at a very young age (English, Italian, French)

  • Student at the University of Vienna (teacher training in Italian, French and Maths)


Lena Purkhart

course teacher

  • experience with language promotion in primary school and kindergarten

  • lots of experience with multilingualism through travelling

  • lots of knowledge in the work with disabled people

  • student at the University College of Teacher Education (primary level)

Sarah Sandhofer

course teacher

  • language psychologist, language promoter, speaker

  • founder of the movement-oriented language learning method "Learning through movement"

  • teaching in the fields of language promotion, language development and developmental language disorder

  • co-author of nursery songs

Mag.a Alexandra Volk

course teacher

Tina Cakara primephoto


  • grew up bilingually (German, Croatian)

  • student at the University of Vienna (German Philology and Transcultural Communication)

  • lots of knowledge in the fields of linguistics and literary studies

Tina Cakara, BA BA

Project Management

Zwetelina Ortega
  • linguist, author and expert in multilingualism

  • consulting and workshops for multilingual families, kindergartens and schools (Linguamulti)

  • grew up trilingually (Bulgarian, Spanish, German)

  • raising her children trilingually

Mag.a Zwetelina Ortega