Fun, Games & Learning German!


Course instructor:

Iris Schimpelsberger BA

  • elementary pedagogue

  • experience with multilingualism through my au pair-year in Luxembourg with trilingual children

  • experience with language development in a kindergarten in Upper Austria (preschool children with German as a second language)

  • student at the University of Vienna (German Philology)

Course instructor:

Andrea Steurer

  • 35 years working experience as a pedagogue in Vienna

  • seminars in the Montessori institute

  • experience in the area of experimental learning

  • conceptionalising book about elementary natural education 

  • attending courses about forest-related education, rythmical education, music construction kit, singing bowl massages and Silence excercises


Project Management:

Tina Cakara, BA

  • grew up bilingually with German and Croatian

  • student at the University of Vienna (German Philology and Transcultural Communication)

  • semester abroad in Zagreb

  • at Linguamulti since 2016 and at the LIMU-Academy since 2018

  • experience with multilingual families

  • wide knowledge in the field of language and literary studies


Mag. Zwetelina Ortega


  • linguist, author, expert in multilingualism

  • 2018: founding LIMU-Academy

  • 2014: founding the education and consulting center Linguamulti

  • consulting and workshops with multilingual families, kindergartens and schools

  • grew up trilingually with Bulgarian, Spanish and German, mother of trilingual children

  • on Standard Online you can read my monthly blog about how to live and cultivate multilingualism