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A colourful semester is coming to an end

A particularly fun and productive semester at the LIMU-Academy is coming to an end. At the start of the course the children had different levels of German. But after months of diligent and motivated learning, all of them made great progress. All the children received a Language Talent Certificate to take home at the end of the course:

(Photo: Alexandra Volk)

Learning by movement and the articles in German

In the last lesson in the preschool course, the children practised the three articles in German while playing a fun game. Three coloured cloths in the colours used for the articles in school were spread out on the floor: blue for DER, red for DIE, green for DAS. Then, the children put different objects on the respective matching cloth: DIE Banane on the red cloth, DAS Eis on the green cloth and DER Fisch on the blue cloth.

The children practised the German articles while using two of their senses: their sense of touch and their visual sense. This makes it much easier for the children to remember the articles of the items (fruits and vegetables) grouped on the cloths.

(Photo: Alexandra Volk)

We wish all children and their parents a relaxing summer!



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