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Drawing animals and learning German

At the preschool course the children were drawing their favourite animals and speaking about them. This activity can easily be done at home as well! This way the German vocabulary gets strengthened in a creative way. It does not matter if the animals are drawn in a realistic way. The goal is to inspire the children to think about what they are drawing and to describe it in German.

The following questions can help here:

How many legs does the animal have? Does it have fur or feathers? What color is the animal? Where does it live? etc.

Before or after drawing the animal the child can answer these questions. This way he or she practises German words from the semantic fiels of "animals and nature". After drawing the child can create an "animal profile" from each of their drawn animals and write down in German all the characteristics they know. The parents can help the child and look up information in encyclopedia or the Internet.

What type of animal is this one? It has four legs and a long tail.

Which animal is being drawn here? Does it have black fur? Hmm... We will see!



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