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Exploring the world of plants from home

For children spring is a season full of exploring and discovering. Little wonders can be found anywhere: leaf sprouts on trees and bushes or the first blossoms on the ground. Adventures everwhere!

Austrian plant researchers have come together a few years ago to form an online platform: On the website gmi4kids children can discover the world of plants in a playful and easy way. A plant names Gregor is guiding the children throughout the website. The children can click on the leaves, roots or animal inhabitants of a tree and learn more about them. Through interactive exercises as well as stimulating games the children become young plant researchers themselves.

In a media room the children can click through a series of photos showing the everyday life of plant researchers. With the help of their parents even younger children can go on a journey into the world of plants.

In an unconscious and playful way the children not only learn about plants, but acquire new German words and concepts in the semantic field of "nature"!

Find the website HERE!



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