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How have the first online courses been?

The first two weeks after Easter are over and with that our first sessions of the new LIMU-online courses. How did the children like it?

“Good”, says a girl at the end of the kindergarten and preschool course.

“I am looking forward to next week!”, cries a boy into his microphone at the primary school course.

At the kindergarten and preschool course the children sat with their parents who sang and clapped together with them. From time to time they whispered a word in their first language into the ear of their child. Even the children, who were shy at the beginning, got braver throughout the session. Even though everyone was only connected with computers, the course instructor Iris managed to motivate every child to speak and interact. The last sessions covered the topics spring and nature.

At the primary school course the children participated without the help of their parents. They interacted a lot through dialogues with the course instructor Iris. Together they learned what type of phrasal verbs there are in German (trennbare Verben) and how to use them.



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