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Insights into our courses: My body

In the last sessions that were allowed to be held at our Academy the focus was on the topic "My body".

The children had to cut out a body jigsaw and glue it together in the right way. With the help of the jigsaw the children had to name the body parts in German and think about suitable verbs connected to the body parts.

For example: What does a foot do?

wiggle the toes, shoot a football, walk, jump, dance...

After that the children played a dice game where every number on the dice referred to a body part. The children had to name the body part in German and show as well as describe what one can do with that body part.

For example: hand

waving, snapping, clapping, holding a fork...

The children should also use complete sentences in German and answer questions.

For example: Why does someone wave?

I wave, because I want to greet someone.

This way the childre practise using linking words in German!



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