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Learning by movement

What's the easiest way for children to learn a language?

Yes, through playing!

And how do children usually play?

While moving!

At the LIMU-Academy we use the method of learning through movement, where movement is directly combined with language learning. How does this work? The children have tried it themselves in our course last week!

Together with the course teacher the children looked at a book about beavers. They explained in German what they saw in the pictures:

Der Biber nagt an den Bäumen. (The beaver is gnawing on the trees.)

Der Biber kann gut schwimmen. (The beaver is good at swimming.)

Der Biber baut eine Höhle aus Ästen. (The beaver is building a cave out of branches.)

Every child learned one sentence by heart and said it out loud in order to memorise it. And then movement came into play! The children used their whole body to show what the beaver was doing: They stretched themselves out on the floor like a beaver swimming in a river. Or they gnawed on an invisible piece of wood like a beaver building a dam.

The children played their little scenes for a few minutes and enjoyed experiencing the newly learned sentences in movement. This way, they strengthened their vocabulary and practised building sentences in German, without even noticing it. In an easy and playful way. And besides that, they also learned something about beavers!



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