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Lessons at Kindergarten Schmetterling

LIMU Academy also offers group lessons at kindergartens. One of our cooperation partners is Kindergarten Schmetterling. But what do these kind of lessons actually look like?

© Alexandra Volk

The last lesson was about one of the four seasons. Together with Alexandra, the course instructor, the kids had a look at a book about spring. Moving Speech was the focus of this lesson. This means the children had to verbally accompany their actions, either by themselves or together with the instructor. They are motivated to describe and explain their movements.

First, the children were pretending to be a seesaw and accompanied themselves by the words "I am a seesaw" or "I am seesawing". The children then planted a small garden with vegetables. The colored cloths represent different vegetables such as lettuce or eggplant. They also built a vehicle from the available material. In the lessons, there are no limits to creativity.

During the speaking exercises, the course instructor made sure to not dictate the text and have the children just repeat her words. Moving Speech is all about independent speaking and describing. The children are supposed to explain what they are doing on their own. This links the language to the movements and consolidates it in the long term.



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