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Rain in the Flower Garden & the STEM approach

Where does rain come from? What happens during evaporation? Why do we need rain? These were the questions that the children tried to answer during their individual lesson with our course instructor Ajla.

© Ajla Mehic

In order to find an explanation everyone made their own rain drop and followed it along on its journey. On its travels it passed through various stations until it finally ran into the flowers which need the rain to grow. Thus, one of the questions was already answered.

In the next task, the children created a flower garden. They got to know three new types of flowers which they planted while they verbally accompanied the process: “I am placing the sun flower underneath the yellow cloth!” A big colourful flower garden grew underneath their hands.

Afterwards, clouds gathered and along with the course instructor the kids made it rain by twirling cloths above their garden. They watered the flowers and accompanied the rain by language: “I’m making it rain on the tulip!”

In this individual lesson the children did not only have the chance to strengthen their language skills, but they also learned a lot of new things in the development of rain, weather and plant growth via the STEM approach. The STEM approach describes a teaching method in which disciplines such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics are used to promote language skills.



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