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Taking a look into the Kindergarten Course

What does "Fun, Games & Learning German" mean? What does creative teaching look like? What do kids learn at LIMU Academy?

© Ajla Mehic

At LIMU Academy, creative and fun learning is the top priority. But what does that actually mean? In her course, Hanna works with a lot of different materials. You move, you play, you sing, and you also learn visually.


Describing images and picture cards not only strengthens the German language, but also connects it with different senses in a playful way. The children work with books, picture cards and posters on the one hand, as well as give free rein to their own creativity and make their own works of art on the other hand. Different areas besides language are being explored this way and the kids also learn about biology, physics and psychology.


Hanna, the course instructor, is always there to support them and motivate them to use the right German terminology and structures. At the same time, she pays attention to the children’s different (language) backgrounds and adapts the lessons to them. The children learn how unique and valuable their language repertoire is and that we respect all languages.


Get an idea of our way of teaching and take a look at the photos!



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