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A Visit to the Musical Construction Workers

In the Preschool Course the children not only gained an insight into the life of a construction worker, but they were also able to do some hands-on work themselves.

© Alexandra Volk

First, the children listened to a song about construction and building, and afterwards started working on their own little house. Each child was individually accompanied by the course teacher and a cosy home was created from all kinds of building materials.

After the hard work, a well-deserved break was in order. Now they were able to enjoy their snack on the self-made table from cushions and cloths (visible in the back of the picture). At the same time, of course, some vocabulary work was done and selected groceries and foods were tested.

Afterwards, the new home received a visitor - the course teacher was invited. During the reception, manners such as opening the door, greeting guests and inviting them to the table were practiced. As a polite guest, the course teacher also brought a gift for the hosts – a card game. In this game, two matching cards had to be found, and certain terms and short sentences were practiced: "The scooter and the bicycle are vehicles," "The boy is reading a book," or "The children are eating strawberry yogurt”. Thus, concept formation and sentence structure were practiced.

© Alexandra Volk



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