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German at home: A mind map about summer

The new semester starts soon and summer is almost over. What a pity! But there is something that remains: great memories about all the adventures spent with the family. We want to introduce to you a game for children of any age to bring back summer to the homes once more: a colorful mind map! What you need for it? A large piece of paper, pencils and all the beautiful summer memories.

This is how it works: Write the word "Sommer" or "Sommerferien" in the middle of the paper and circle it. Then the children can start thinking about everything they did in summer or still want to do. Many children like to go swimming ("schwimmen") or do sunbathing ("sonnen"). Every word the children can think of gets written down in German and connected through a line with the middle circle. The words can be written or even drawn. Younger children can also dictate the German word to the parents who can write it down for them. This way the children learn to build a word field and recognise the connection between semantically similar words.



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